Come home to Hills Homebase
Come home to Hills Homebase
Come home to Hills Homebase



1.1 Hills Limited (ACN 007 574 417) is pleased to make available to you the Hills Homebase Program from 1st August 2021 to 31st January 2021 (both dates inclusive) (“Program Period”) on the website (“Website”). 

1.2 These Terms and Conditions form the basis of the rewards program and associated promotions described herein and, on the Website, (“Hills Homebase”, “Homebase” or the “Program”), which is conducted by Hills Limited (ACN 007 573 417) (“Hills”, “we”, “our”).

1.3 Hills reserves the right to make any changes to Hills Homebase including, without limitation, these Terms and Conditions and the Rewards offered. 

1.4 Hills standard terms and conditions of supply continue to apply in relation to your purchase of goods/services from Hills. 

1.5 Participants will be taken to have received notice of changes to the Program by posting details of the changes on the Website.




2.1 To be eligible to participate in Hills Homebase, you must be in Australia, have a valid open trading account with Hills (you are a customer), and register online at the Website. 

2.2 By clicking “I Agree” upon registration in the Program the Participant is legally bound by these Terms and Conditions and warrants that a representative of the Participant with the authority to bind the Participant has read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 On registration, Participants will be asked to create a login. It is the Participant’s responsibility to ensure that their login and other security information are kept secure.

2.4 Participant’s existing contact details with Hills may be used.

2.5 In satisfying the requirements in this clause 2 you are a participant in the Program (“Participant”, “you”, “your”, “they”).

2.6 Participants may cancel participation in Hills Homebase by written notice to Hills on, and Participants may lose the right to participate if they cease to be eligible to participate. In both cases Hills will cancel the relevant account and all accumulated Points in that Participant’s account will immediately expire.



3.1 During the Program Period there is a special promotion via Hills Homebase relating to certain “Tecom” branded products sold by Hills (“Tecom Promotion”). Information on the Tecom Promotion will be specified on the Website from time to time.

3.2 Via the Tecom Promotion, Participants are awarded “Tecom Tecoins”. How Participants redeem Tecom Tecoins is set out below.   



4.1 In these Terms and Conditions “Points” is a reference to both Homebase Points and Tecom Tecoins as applicable.

4.2 A Participant will be awarded Points only in relation to eligible transactions, being transactions for the purchase from Hills of certain goods during a period as nominated on the Website. To be eligible to participate in promotion on Hills Homebase with award points that can be redeemed for Virtual Mastercard, you must be registered as a member of Hills Homebase and not already receive rebates from Hills in connection with your purchase of goods from Hills.

4.3 Awarded Points will be accrued from the date at which the participant registers for the Hills Homebase program and will be credited to the account of the Participant. Points cannot be converted to or exchanged for money. Where a refund of the product purchase, any associated points will also be reversed.

4.4 All Hills Homebase points will have an expiry of six (6) months from the date they are credited. All Tecom Tecoin points will expire thirty (30) days after the end of the promotion dates. 

4.5 The number of Points required for a Reward are determined by Hills and notified on the Website. Once a Participant reaches a reward threshold advised on the Website, they can redeem their Points for the Reward. Participants must have in their account at least the number of Points required to redeem the applicable Reward at the time the redemption is processed. 

(a) The Rewards for Every Purchase offer requires a minimum 100 points ($100) to be earnt before points can be redeemed for eMastercard Rewards. 

4.6 The “Reward” is the product or service nominated by Hills as eligible to be obtained by a Participant redeeming Points through the Program.  In the case of Homebase Points, the Reward means one or more Virtual Prepaid Mastercard(s) (“virtual Mastercard”).  In the case of the Tecom Tecoin Promotion, the Reward is the exchange of Tecom Tecoins for a product out of the gift pool notified on the Website.

4.1 Hills may offer participants the opportunity to earn ‘bonus’ or ‘additional’ points for participating in nominated promotions. Information on these promotions will be specified on the Website from time to time.

4.2 Hills do not give any warranty or make any representation in relation to the underlying value of any Rewards.

4.3 Points will not be awarded (and Hills may cancel or deduct them) in relation to any goods/services that are cancelled, refunded or returned, or in circumstances where the Participant already receives rebates from Hills in connection with the goods/services.

4.4 All Points held in a Participant’s account will expire at midnight Sydney, Australia time at the end of the Program Period or such earlier period notified by Hills in writing on the Website. Points will not be re-credited once they have expired, nor any money refunded in association with purchases made by Participant’s to obtain Points.

4.5 Hills reserves the right to reverse or cancel any Points credited to a Participant incorrectly, or not in accordance with, or in breach of, the Terms and Conditions at any time.



5.1 Homebase Points can be redeemed for a Reward by following the instructions on the Website.

5.2 Participants who receive a virtual Mastercard agree and are deemed to be subject to the applicable terms and conditions of use relating to the virtual Mastercard.

5.3 The virtual Mastercard may be used where Mastercard debit cards are accepted; this includes online or by telephone (excluding transactions at ATMs or over the counter at financial institutions and cash withdrawal). 

5.4 At the time of purchase using your virtual Mastercard, you should know your account balance. If you attempt to make a purchase that exceeds your balance, the transaction will be denied. You may be able to pay for the difference with cash, cheque, or another credit/debit card, depending on the specific merchant's policy. Participants are responsible for all purchases made with their virtual Mastercard. 

5.5 For full Terms and Conditions, please visit: 


6.1 If the virtual Mastercard is issued via email, the activation process is as follows:

(a) Upon placing the order customer will receive an email to confirm their details.

(b) Upon confirmation, an SMS will be sent to the mobile number entered with a link to their virtual Mastercard.

(c) They will need to click on the link in the SMS and follow the instructions to download The Card Network app and add the virtual Mastercard to their mobile wallet.

6.2 If the virtual Mastercard is issued via sms, the activation process is as follows:

(a) An SMS will be sent to the mobile number entered with a link to their the virtual Mastercard .

(b) They will need to click on the link in the SMS and follow the instructions to download The Card Network app, and add the virtual Mastercard  to their mobile wallet.

(c) Below is an easy 1, 2, 3 visual if you’d like to use:


7.1 Tecom Tecoins can be redeemed for a Reward by following the instructions on the Website.

7.2 Participants acknowledge that:

(a) all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that information in relation to Rewards is correct, but except as required by certain statutory warranties under consumer protection laws, Hills accepts no liability for the lack of completeness or correctness of such information on external/third party websites;

(b) Rewards may no longer be available or be of limited stock;

(c) Rewards may be offered for a limited time; 

(d) Rewards are subject to terms and conditions of their suppliers; and

(e) availability of some Rewards may be subject to capacity controls by their suppliers.

7.3 Participants redeem Tecom Tecoins in order to obtain Rewards at their own discretion. 

7.4 Hills may at any time and without prior notice to Participants withdraw, limit, modify, cancel, increase or decrease:

(a) any particular Reward;

(b) the advertised terms of offer for a Reward; or

(c) the quantity of a Reward available for redemption.

7.5 Hills may make (or may arrange for third parties to make) other Rewards available for redemption through Hills Homebase for a specified period. Details and any additional terms and conditions applicable to those other Rewards will be provided by the applicable Reward supplier and/or at or through the Website.

7.6 Participants will be required to provide/confirm shipping information to receive a Reward within 31 business days (not a guaranteed delivery time). 

7.7 If a Participant does not receive a Reward within the estimated delivery time frame, please email 


8.1 Participants must not:

(a) act in any way which breaches these Terms and Conditions; or

(b) abuse or misuse Hills Homebase, any Rewards, facilities, services or arrangements accorded to the Participant as a result of participation including by:

(i) engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities;

(ii) supplying or attempting to supply false or misleading information, or making a misrepresentation to Hills

(iii) selling, assigning, transferring or acquiring, or offering to sell, assign, transfer or acquire any Reward or Homebase Points other than in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;

8.2 If a Participant has committed a material breach of any of the Terms and Conditions or has failed to pay any money due to Hills by the due date, whether intentionally or otherwise, then Hills may do any one or more of the following:

(a) suspend or terminate the Participant’s participation in the Program and/or the right of the Participant to claim a Reward;

(b) reverse or cancel the Participant’s Homebase Points or any part thereof; or

(c) cancel or refuse to honour any Rewards that have been redeemed by or provided to the Participant.

8.3 If Hills intends to take action under this clause 8 it will notify the Participant of its intention and the reason for that action. The Participant will then have 7 days to respond to the notice by rectifying the breach (where possible) and providing any reason why Hills should not take action (provided that Hills may suspend the Participant’s account and cancel any Rewards until any review is completed). Hills will review the response and advise the Participant of its decision.


9.1 Each Participant acknowledges that Hills collects, uses and discloses information about the Participant, in order for Hills to provide the Participant with the benefits of and administer the Hills Homebase and to undertake the activities further set out in this clause 9.  The information about such use in this clause 9 should be read alongside the Privacy Policy available on the Hills Website, which contains more detailed information about how a Participant’s personal information is processed.

9.2 Hills collects personal information about each Participant (including products and services available to Hills Homebase Participants): 

(a) to enable Hills to market products and services to the Participant, including the products and services of Hills partners and other third parties who Hills believes may have products and services in which the Participant would be interested (this is one of the primary purposes of Hills Homebase);

(b) to facilitate the Participant’s participation in Hills Homebase; 

(c) by assessing the Participant’s participation application,;

(d) awarding the Participant with Points, 

(e) confirming the Participant’s eligibility for, and providing any products and services associated with, Hills Homebase, and enhancing and tailoring the Participant’s use of Hills Homebase;

(f) to identify suspicious transactions and to detect and prevent fraud; and

(g) for operational management of Hills Homebase.

9.3 Hills may collect the Participant’s personal information from the Participant directly, including during a Participant’s interaction with Hills group websites, services or applications or when the Participant is logged into their Hills Homebase account. Hills may also collect the Participant’s personal information from third parties, Hills’ related bodies corporate and Jetstar branded entities, partner airlines, third parties providing services for Hills and Hills’ program partners (such as when the Participant registers through one of Hills’ program partners or transacts with them).

9.4 For the reasons described above, Hills may disclose a Participant’s personal information to:

(a) our group companies;

(b) any third party providing services for Hills Homebase, including assisting Hills in determining a Participant’s eligibility for, and providing, Hills Homebase products and services (including products and services available to Participants), administering the program, operating Hills’ call and service centres, providing market research and marketing services, and assisting with the prevention and detection of fraud; and

(c) other third parties, such as law enforcement agencies and courts, in order to comply with its legal obligations or in connection with a legal claim or in response to a validly served and executed court order or subpoena.

9.5 Marketing consent: By becoming a Participant, the Participant provides their express consent to Hills: 

(a) sending the Participant marketing communications including via direct mail, telephone, email, SMS, in-app notifications and advertising or other digital means, including:

(i) news and offers for Hills Homebase Participants;

(ii) associating and combining data collected from third parties with the Participant’s personal information and using and disclosing that combined information to create aggregated segments for the purposes of customer analytics and marketing and to tailor the Participant’s experience and content, including third party content and otherwise in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, 

(b) using their details to advertise or otherwise promote the Program via the Website and third party websites.

9.6 The Participant can opt out of receiving all or any of communications listed above by giving Hills written notice.

9.7 This clause 9 survives the termination of these Terms and Conditions and the termination or suspension of Hills Homebase.


10.1 Hills gives no warranty as to the continuing availability of Hills Homebase and may terminate or suspend the Program at any time. 

10.2 If Hills terminates or suspends the Program, Participants will be able to redeem any Points during any notice period in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.


11.1 Hills acknowledges that certain jurisdiction's laws imply terms, conditions or warranties into contracts for the supply of goods or services that cannot be excluded. For example, for consumers in Australia, certain services come with statutory guarantees under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) that they will be provided with due care and skill and be reasonably fit for their purpose. Clause 11.2 is not intended to exclude or restrict the application of such laws.

11.2 Subject to clause 11.1, and to the extent permitted by law in any applicable jurisdiction, Hills and any of its officers, employees or agents are not liable for any loss or claim of any kind (including, without limitation, consequential or economic loss or loss of profits), arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or Hills Homebase, including, without limitation, any changes to the Terms and Conditions or Hills Homebase, save to the extent that such loss or claim arises from the negligence or wilful misconduct of Hills or a Hills group company, or any of their officers, employees or agents.


12.1 Governing Law: The Terms and Conditions and membership in Hills Homebase are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia irrespective of where the application for participation has been completed by the Participant or submitted to Hills. In any action or other legal process with respect to any matter or thing in connection with these Terms and Conditions or participation the Participant submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the State of New South Wales.

12.2 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects any rights a Participant may have and which by law cannot be excluded, including under the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) and under State and Territory consumer protection legislation.

12.3 If part or all of any clause of these Terms and Conditions is illegal, invalid or unenforceable then it will be read down to the extent necessary to ensure that it is not illegal, invalid or unenforceable, but if that is not possible, it will be severed from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions will continue to have full force and effect.

13 Hills recommends that Participants consult their accountant or tax adviser to ensure that they understand possible tax (including fringe benefits tax) implications, if any, related to Hills Homebase and any benefits in connection with the Program.


14.1The Website and the Program is administered by a third party that is unrelated to Hills: Hachiko Pty Ltd of 111a Union Street, McMahons Point NSW 2060. Their privacy policy also applies to your information


15Double Points Promotion

15.1The double points promotion offers double points on purchases made 1st November 2021 to 31st January 2022 (“Promotion Period”). Through the “Promotion Period”, purchases will be awarded with 2 points per $200 ex GST spent with Hills Limited Australia (purchases outside of the “Promotion period” will be awarded 1 point per $200 ex GST spent with Hills Limited Australia). To be eligible to earn double points through the “Promotion Period” the eligible account must have registered as a member of Hills Homebase before midnight on 30th November 2021.